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    Lawson的中间启动丝网印刷包非常适合那些寻求开办商业或商店的人。这是您需要开始打印服装的所有丝网印刷机的交钥匙包。All of Lawson's Intermediate Start-Up screen printing equipment are professional grade and made in the U.S.A. This complete silk screen printing equipment package is great for those wanting to print shirts and garments as a business, for your own clothing brand or label, or as a contact screen printer.

    The Intermediate Screen Printing Start-Up kit allows you to build a business printing t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves and lots of other garments, textiles, and promotional products. Lawson's screen printing equipment is great for printing out of any location, including a storefront, warehouse, basement or even your garage.


    The Intermediate Package features the most important pieces of screen printing machinery. It includes the Lawson's industry leading HD-Max manual t-shirt printing press. This is one of the industry's premiere screen printing presses. Compared to other presses, the HD-Max is more rugged and solidly built, while still being light and easy to operate. Lawson achieved this by remaining true to our Engineering Simplicity principles. Some of the best features of the heavy-duty HD-Max include capture-plate micro-adjustment for XYZ axis control, tool-free off-contact and being able to adjust off-contact without getting out of register (great for when switching from t-shirts to hoodies). The premium side-screen clamps make printing easier and more forgiving. A lifetime parts warranty can be added to the HD-Max screen printing machine for only $199.

    The original pioneer of the high-value, small footprint screen print dryer, and Lawson's Intermediate Screen Printing machine kit features the M2-Encore conveyor oven screen printing dryer. This M2-Encore conveyor dryer greatly increases screen printing production capabilities and produces more t- shirts. Every professional and serious screen printer needs a conveyor dryer. Insulated for energy efficiency and shipped fully assembled, the M2-Encore is the best screen printing oven for someone new to the business. The M2-Encore features a 24" wide belt and is 8 feet long. Our triple heater heat chamber produces 6,000 watts to cure your garments faster. ArrowBelt™ & Bullseye™ belt tracking, digital readouts, and adjustable heat gates make this dryer the best for screen printing start-ups.

    The Expo-light screen printing exposure unit included in this package is a specially designed balanced-tube exposure unit. The hinged, solid-construction, gas powered lifter lid features a non-reflective rubber-flex vacuum blanket. The 1.25 H.P. Instant Draw Vacuum Motor ensures the best contact between your film positive and the screen. Having a vacuum drawn on your exposure unit is the most critical element as it prevents "light creep" and other exposure issues which cause problems when printing. Unlike the competition, Lawson features an ultra-fast vacuum motor because we know you want to produce the best looking shirts possible. The control panel features toggle switches and a wind-timer.

    The Lawson Super Flash screen printing plastisol curing unit has an adjustable temperature controller with an integrated heat-cycle indicator light. This is very important for ultimate control when printing on polyester, dry fit and other specialty materials. The floor stand with locking castors features an "anti-tip" design.

    Our Econo-Pro washout/re-claim sink provides a convenient, safe and economical way to develop and clean your silk printing screens. Do all of your screen developing, reclaiming and cleaning in the Econo-Pro sink. Use this to help contain the mess of screen prep, wash out, ink degradent and stencil reclaim. This is the best place for cleaning screens, squeegees, goop scoops and other screen printing stuff. The Econo-Pro is solidly constructed and ships assembled.

    Lawson's start-up screen printing packages all include free screen printing supplies and hands-on training at any of our locations in St. Louis, MO or Atlanta, GA. Ourintensive 2-day screen printing workshopoffers a broad range of information and hands-on printing experience. We know the key to learning how to print is actually printing, which is why you'll be "learning while doing" at Lawson's Textile-Tech. The course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start printing great looking t-shirts..

    劳森屏幕和数字Products is a family owned and operated company that treats you like family. We offer all of our clients 24/7 technical and print support and FREE SHIPPING on all screen printing supplies through our电子商店

  • 年代tandard Features

    The Multi-Tech Plastisol Ink Start Up Deluxe Kit Includes:

    Optional Features

    年代creen Printing Books & Videos:

    年代tart your essential screen printing reference library with these best-selling books and videos. Tour a working shop and see each step in the job process with theBeginning Garment Screen Printing video。年代creen making is demonstrated in theUlano Direct Emulsion video在书中解释了定价的奥秘,利润定价。118美元

    Newman Roller Frames:

    纽曼滚筒框架可以在失去张力时重新拧紧网格。不要扔掉完美的良好的网格,因为它失去了一些紧张,并没有注册或减慢打印笔触。MZX手动压力机 - 12,24或36帧套件包括带SDI扭矩扳手的MZX工具套件,网格对准夹,7-130牛顿张力表,2个转角软化工具,织物保护器,书面说明和纽曼区域胶带卷。

    MZX 23" x 26" OD Frames*
    12 Frame Kit $1,366.63
    24 Frame Kit $1,864.63
    36 Frame Kit $2,362.63


    20“x 24”网格面板框架:


    观看面板框架视频- It's so easy!

    20" x 24" O.D. Aluminum Frames:

    Aluminum frames are about 1 pound lighter than wood so they're easier to spin and stop. Welded corners ensure they are consistently square. Tensioned under meter control the high quality polyester monofiliment mesh is attached with chemical resistant glue. Add them now and get the best pricing. You choose the mesh counts.

    6 frames $143.93 - $195.32
    12框架$ 287.85 - $ 382.58
    We will back order if we are out of stock


    As your shop develops, you'll need advanced supplies. In this package add-on we have included:

    年代upply/Chemical Package Upgrade $210

    Hands-On Training:

    Textile Tech 2-Day Intensive Hands-On Screen Printing Class:这款密集的两天屏幕印刷车间提供广泛的信息和动手印刷体验。这次培训对bob棋牌怎么样初学者来说很棒。我们每月在我们的圣路易斯设施提供这一课程,并在亚特兰大任命。

    Washout Sinks & Equipment:


Graphic Equipment



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