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劳森屏幕和数字Products provides screen printing machine packages and supplies to start printing today. Whether you operate a storefront, or print out of a garage or basement, Lawson’s screen printing packages are right for you. As a family owned and operated business and the oldest U.S. screen printing manufacturer, Lawson provides more than just the best start up screen printing equipment. We offer 24/7 training, education, technical support and business coaches so your new t-shirt business will succeed. Lawson is truly a company of people who care.

Starts at Only $19,000.00
Domestic Crating andTextile Tech Class包括三个人

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    劳森的专业Printi启动屏幕ng Package is great for those looking to open a screen printing business or shop. This is a turnkey package of all the screen printing machines you need to start printing shirts. All of Lawson’s Professional Start-Up screen printing equipment is professional grade and made in the U.S.A. This complete screen printing equipment kit is great for those wanting to silk screen print shirts and garments as a business, for your own clothing brand or label, or as a contact screen printer. This Lawson Screen & Digital Products Professional Screen Printing Start-Up kit allows you to build a business printing t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves and lots of other garments, textiles and other objects. Lawson’s screen printing equipment is great for printing out of any location, including a storefront, warehouse, basement or even your garage.



    的original pioneer of the high-value, small footprint screen print dryer, the M2-Encore conveyor oven screen printing dryer. This M2-Encore conveyor dryer greatly increases screen printing production capabilities and produces more t shirts. Every professional and serious screen printer needs a conveyor dryer. Insulated for energy efficiency and shipped fully assembled, the M2-Encore is the best screen printing oven for someone new to screen printing. Lawson’s Professional Package features an M2-Encore with a 36” wide belt and is 10 feet long. Our triple heater heat chamber produces 13,500 watts to cure your garments faster. ArrowBelt™ & Bullseye™ belt tracking, digital readouts, and adjustable heat gates make this dryer the best for screen printing startups.

    此启动包中包含的LED-5000丝网印刷曝光单元允许您生成使工作脱颖而出的细线,字体和半色调。铰接式固体结构,气体供电升降器盖子具有非反光橡胶柔性真空橡皮布。1.25 H.P.即时抽取真空电机确保胶片阳性和屏幕之间的最佳接触。在曝光单元上绘制真空是最关键的元素,因为它可以防止“光蠕变”和其他曝光问题引起打印时出现问题。与竞争对手不同,Lawson采用超快速真空电机,因为我们知道您想要生产最好的衬衫。易于使用的数字定时器和控制面板使您的LED-5000曝光单元简单。LED-5000具有行业领先的保修。Lawson Super Flash具有可调节的温度控制器,具有集成的热循环指示灯。这对于在涤纶,干燥配合和其他特种材料上印刷时,这对于最终控制非常重要。 The floor stand with locking castors features an “anti-tip” design.


    Lawson start up screen printing packages all include free screen printing supplies and hands-on training at any of our locations in St. Louis, MO or Atlanta, GA. Ourintensive 2-day screen printing workshopoffers a broad range of information and hands-on printing experience. We know the key to learning how to print is actually printing, which is why you’ll be “learning while doing” at Lawson’s Textile-Tech. The course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start printing great looking t-shirts.

    劳森屏幕和数字Products is a family owned and operated company that treats you like family. We offer all of our clients 24/7 technical and print support and FREE SHIPPING on all screen printing supplies through ourE-store

  • Standard Features

    的Multi-Tech Plastisol Ink Start Up Deluxe Kit Includes:
    的Lawson Start Up Deluxe Chemical and Screen Printing Start Up Pro Supply Kit Includes:

    Optional Features

    Screen Printing Books & Videos:

    使用这些最畅销的书籍和视频启动您的基本屏幕印刷参考文库。巡回演出工作店,并在工作过程中看到每一步Beginning Garment Screen Printing video。屏幕制作在Ulano Direct Emulsion videoand the mysteries of pricing are explained in the book,Pricing for Profits。$118


    Newman Roller Frames can re-tighten mesh when it loses tension. Don't throw away perfectly good mesh just because it lost some tension and doesn't register or slows down your print stroke. MZX manual press - 12, 24 or 36 frame kits include an MZX Tool Kit with SDI Torque Wrench, mesh alignment clips, a 7-130 Newton tension meter, 2 corner softening tools, fabric protectors, written instructions and a roll of Newman Zone Tape.

    MZX 23" x 26" OD Frames*
    12帧套件$ 1,366.63
    24 Frame Kit $1,864.63
    36 Frame Kit $2,362.63

    Prices listed apply to frames with a square bar. Contact us for pricing on all roller frames.

    20" x 24" O.D. Panel Frames:


    Watch the Panel Frame Video- 它是如此容易!

    20" x 24" O.D. Aluminum Frames:

    Aluminum frames are about 1 pound lighter than wood so they're easier to spin and stop. Welded corners ensure they are consistently square. Tensioned under meter control the high quality polyester monofiliment mesh is attached with chemical resistant glue. Add them now and get the best pricing. You choose the mesh counts.

    6 frames $143.93 - $195.32
    12 frames $287.85 - $382.58
    We will back order if we are out of stock


    As your shop develops, you'll need advanced supplies. In this package add-on we have:

    Supply/Chemical Package Upgrade $210


    纺织技术2天密集的动手丝网印刷类:This intensive two day screen printing workshop offers a broad range of information and hands-on printing experience. This training is great for the beginner. We offer this class monthly at our St. Louis Facility, and by appointment in Atlanta.


    You will need a washout sink for processing screens after they are exposed, cleaning off ink with degradent and removing the stencil. For tougher stencils you will need a power washer.

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